On ode to those who fought in WWI,

Lest we forget,those who selflessly gave their lives to protect a land where the indigenous population were not considered citizens and were sent off to reservations.
lest we forget,
those who gave their lives for a land where only people with white skin were unwelcome.
lest we forget,
the injustices of the past.
lest we forget,
that there is a bigger wider picture.
Lest we forget,
the fact that people on all sides of the conflict gave their lives selflessly for a cause that they believed in.
WWII photos
i just sent u something, can u pass on to c hartcher annabelle and whoever needs to know.
regards dolly


D1 Says:

If you’re in Nimbin see Dave in the hemp bar. he is undatoka@hotmail,
I painted him.

*I wanted to ask could you send the freshwater email to fitz at pfitsimons@smh.com address, I am not sure if news desk have given him all. Today has not passed on all to lisa or karl either, although they have got some. Also to fitz the one with 5 pics and to anabell the green alphabet one. I am thinking shock and awe about to hit me again for writing. if you are in nimbin you can speak frankly with dave. there is still someone rotten @nine.

also could you pass on motel details to ombudsman. when I write something I delete straight away. wot I email they know about. somehow when I write on flickr it seems to go under the radar.

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