Victoria Street, Darlinghurst

There is some phobia of this street. I used to walk down it sometimes when I lived in Redfern and was walking from Redfern to Pott’s Point. I walked this was as it was the most direct route and it involves the least hills. Now I work in Paddington and live in Westmead. I used to catch the train and get off at Kings Cross and walk up Victoria Street on my way to Paddington. Some people I know disapprove of this. A third time a person I was walking with said – you don’t want to walk down that street do you?

This is all very weird. I can see nothing on this street that makes it less desirable than the ones around it.


  1. four of the 6 people i know that have been mugged got mugged on victoria street. whether it is different people doing the mugging each time or not, i don’t know.
    and redfern is dangerous, whether or not you are prejudiced, i’m just going by the statistics.

  2. When I first moved to Sydney we went to the george street cinemas. Before the movie we had coffer at a coffee shop over the road from Sydney Town Hall. Later that night a man was stabbed in the same coffee shop. I cannot remember if he lived or died.
    So on that count, I should tell people to never go to town hall. Being stabbed is worse than being mugged.

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