a weird game

this dream occurred this morning, for the first time to my knowledge. It was in colour, though the main colour was dark green, the water was blue, and the players wore white.

I am standing on a hockey field and we are hitting hockey balls with their hockey sticks. I pan back. There are players on the field, the field has changed. It is now a rectangular hole in the ground filled with water and with grassed sides this forms a playing pitch. The players who are all wearing white, but who seem to know which side they are on are playing at the near end of the field. Two opposing players play into a new square hole say 10 feet across with no water. A free seems to be given and one player hits the ball down the ground. The game continues along the grassy sides and at the end a goal is scored in a similar square hole at the other end. At the far end of the ground is a sea wall and the ocean.

The game starts again with a hit off from the square hole I am above this hole and beyond the ground so I look over it, the field and then to the ocean.  But this time the player goes for a direct hit, but the shot is long and hooks to the right. The next time the hit-off is contested, as the opposing player tackles the hitting player the game duplicates and becomes two games side-by-side, in a fractal type progression a third game is spawned.  As the players play their way along the bank a man hand me an electronic gadget. I type something. When I look at the gadget, what I typed was: <i>camberwell road grammar school</i>. I am surprised and the dream ends.

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