No lights

no lights

Today the circuit breaker for the lights tripped. Then the master earth leakage breaker also switched. Now I have no lights. No hot water. I am assuming that the hot water is on the lights circuit. The power switch is seen here, with water dripping out of it. The water is dripping onto it from the eves. I think this is the cause of my problem. No, maybe I am hoping it is the cause of the problem. If it is not then the problem is somewhere in the roof and that would be a much bigger problem. I have to go out, so we are set up with torches, desk lamps and the like to tide us over.

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  1. well I was completely wrong as to the cause of the fault. This morning it is gone. But I did find a light circuit on the outside wall that I think was turned on, when I thought all were turned off. So when I am brave I will try turning it on and see if the fault returns.

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