gt3 update

trike silhouette

A few things:

  • I had to break heavily coming down a hill at speed. The back felt like it started to slide out. At first I was surprised. It did not make a sliding noise. the only guess i have come up with is that I lifted the rear wheel off the ground. The breaks only effect the front two wheels.
  • I had the shop fit my new mountain bike pedal clips. It is early days yet. But using the technique Lindsay form the DHBC was explaining at the slowies ride last week, I seem to have overcome my high speed wobbles. The trick is to pull up as well as push down while peddling.
  • The new Schwalb Marathon Plus tyres are going great. I have even ridden over glass that has crunched under the tyres (it was dark and the bottle newly broken). No punctures yet.
  • My legs are beginning to adjust and I am developing more power.
  • It is amazing how many people suffer from Ombrophobia- Fear of rain or of being rained on.
  • It is annoying how many people have a fear of trucks, though I can find no word for that. So if you can find a specialist work for truck fear let me know!

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