putin and the multiple sides of russia

this dream happened last Monday. It started as something else, but i do not recall anything of its predecessor, it morphed into this.

I appear in a place. It is many places at once. After a moment’s reflection, it seems that this is because it is a bit place. It is Russia. 
I start in an industrial area. It is very run down. Vladimir Putin, walks past and leads me over a rusted, enclosed old pedestrian bridge. It leads over a vast Railway yard. I can see the yard because the panels are so rusted there are holes up to a meter wide. But I am assured that the L beam Iron work is still solid. The railway yards are ancient. There is a impression of a large industrial complex around the periphery of the rail yards. I can see chimneys and factory buildings around the perimeter.
We walk across the bridge, I am following. About half way across is a locked gate. Putin unlocks the gate. It has a modern padlock, like those you get in the hardware store. Putin has the key. We pass through. On the other side we turn around and go back. Putin says after locking the gate behind us, “now you have seen”. I am reminded of Lord Vetinari, from Terry Pratchett’s books.
Later, I am in a house. I have been at some fancy function. Putin says go up there. He indicated towards a brown-yellow marble stair case, very grandly built. I go up to the first floor. It has a small landing. I go into the toilet. The toilet looks more like a big pressure valve. So I try to take a photo. At first I cannot. The camera will not focus. So I switch over to manual focus. Then I notice that the lens is covered in condensation. So I clean it. As I do so, one wall seems to vanish. Beyond is a grey room. It has five people scattered around, but it is not large. There are also rabbits on the floor in various shades of grey. Though each one is monotone. The people beckon. As I take my photo, the rabbits invade the room. Across the top of the wall, shadows of goats march across the wall, the seem alive, but they are only shadows on the wall. Having taken my photo, I leave. Around the edge of the landing is a iron rail balustrade. A man motions for me to continue up to the second floor. I do so.
Up here is an elegant studio. It has 19th century furniture of the highest quality again in yellow and brown. Four beautiful side tables, intricately laid with wooden floral patters, block the corridor. As I and the woman on the other side move the tables, the scene ends.
I am back in the main entrance at the base of the stair. Putin says, now you have seen the other side of Russia. As we walk through the exit, I appear in a vast railway hall. He says, next time you are Berlin, please come and visit. The train is a fast one.

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