locked doors and brief cases

This dream occurred a little over a week ago. As far as I know, it is a new one.

I am in the foyer of a multi story building. I want to leave the building. But the main doors are closed. I am with a group of about 8 people I do not know who are also trying to leave the building. We go down one side. There are many doors. But they are chined shut with a 2 cm thick chain in a blue plastic tube. We walk along the chain. There are some guards at the door. We have a restricted view because there are four or five steps up to the foot path and there is an overhang. We can only see the bottom half of the people on the foot path. 
The first of our group goes through the door and then the guard slams the door shut. The man who left looks like he is stunned and he freezes. His brown brief case opens and the contents spill on the ground. In there is what looks like a paper back book sized PDA and some papers. 
The security guard takes up the whole scene. He has is sub machine gun diagonally across his chest. He fires it while screaming, I’m Scared! I’m Scared!
I look back out at the footpath. None of the people passing by (there are two or three) are taking any notice of the man with his stuff spilled on the ground.

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