Lee Kuan Yew

Minister Mentor: Lee Kuan Yew
"Minister Mentor: Lee Kuan Yew" by teducation

Lee Kuan Yew came to open our new house today (otherwise known as the new wing of Mount Alvernia Hospital). There was a big presentation with the media present. We were up on the stage as my father is the resident doctor. Now that the new wing of the hospital is open we will get to move into our new house, up on the roof. The prime minister wanted to shake my hand, but I refused. He is much too scary a man. Though my mother said that I was put off by the lights from the media crew.


  1. I once put in a quiz as to which head of state I had refused to shake the hand off. Much later a very shocked man said, but he was only 1! Ah the power of assumption.

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