German Army

This dream occurred while I was in a feverish state while sick from what might be swine flu. This dream has occurred a few times in the last 5 years.

Army Museum Bandiana

riverside trees and shadows

I am in a moderately dense forest. What strikes me as odd as it is a forest of melaluka trees. The light filters down trough the trees. I stand on a dirt road. Just up from here two roads join in a fork to make this one. A soldier walks along the side of the road, almost in the gutter. It is a German WWII soldier. There is now a stream of soldiers. They are walking in single file, all on the very edge of the road. I am worried, they may see me. But they do not. Two soldiers walk past pushing their bicycles beside them. Now a man comes past riding pillion in a side car on a motor cycle. There is no dust coming up from the wheels. They look resigned, but not despondent. They are coming up from the fork on the right.

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