Werribee Park Mansion

After my previous attempt to visit Werribee Park Mansion was cut short by the need to rescue my Nieces from their broken dads car by the side of the Tullamarine freeway, I had long harboured a desire to get back there to finish my visit.

So I hatched a plan to visit on ANZAC day. Because the girls go to their dads on the weekends, it is oft hard to get a day away. I decided to keep it a bit of a secret, though Kirsten was mightily unhappy with the amount of driving involved. I’d think Werribee is the most distant place you can be from our place whilst still being on Melbourne

The girls were very excited to be going on an adventure.

We arrived after a long trip with two toilet stops and one lunch stop. I had planned to have a sit down lunch, but our late departure time meant I decided to just get some drive through to make up some time.

At the start Krysta thought we were going to the zoo. Though I had told them we would see a rose garden. She was a bit disappointed as we drove past the entrance to the zoo. She had been on a visit with the Sherbrooke Community School last year.

Werribee Park Mansion, Visiting Werribee Park Mansion and the State Rose Garden

They were amazed at the size of the house, well everyone except Kirsten. Kirsten just thought she didn’t like a house that needed servants to operate it.

But I think I was right. The girls are both currently into princess stuff. This Italianate house is as close as we get to a Victorian Era palace as you will find in australia. They ran enthusiastically from tool to room, never crossing the rope barriers or even looking like touching the expensive vases and things on display. The only downside was when Krysta did not want to go down the rear stair as it was too scary.

After this we went and followed the sculpture trail. The girls were loving it and all went well until we had a few allergic reactions to unprocessed sheep’s wool.

Werribee Park Mansion, Visiting Werribee Park Mansion and the State Rose Garden

So we headed out. We went to the State Rose Garden. The girls collected lots of petals from the ground and thought the most exciting thing was the small grass converted knoll which was perfect for rolling down.

State Rose Garden, Visiting Werribee Park Mansion and the State Rose Garden

After this we headed to Williamstown for dinner with Kirra at the La Porchetta there. Everyone scoffed down their food.

After we had ice cream at The Ice Cream Shoppe. Then across the road to play in the playground after dark. Krysta and I went for a walk out to the end of gem pier where we learned about the native 11 armed starfish.

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