Little did I know

Monbulk 2010Little did I realise what would come of this. I had travelled to Melbourne. My mum did not want to pick me up because I was arriving around midnight. I had contacted some people, but it was a big ask, so I tried to concentrate on the ones I knew who would think that midnight was a reasonable hour. One thing led to another, and to my surprise, Kirsten agreed to come all the way to Melbourne Airport and pick me up, all the way from Monbulk.

I had not seen Kirsten for many years and it was really through Rodney and facebook that we were back in touch.

Monbulk 2010 I stayed inĀ MonbulkĀ for the evening, sleeping in the spare room and the next day I spent at their place. I really did not know anything about her family’s situation at the time but we instantly hit off, like we always had in the past. Kirsten in the only person who I have always been in love with from the moment that we met. which was about 1984 in Best Street, North Fitzroy.

I met her two children, Krysta and Teresa. Krysta and I instantly worked together. I do remember Andrew being there that night and in the morning he went to work.

Monbulk 2010We played with the chickens, I avoided the cats as best I could and we took the dogs (Brutus and Dusty) for a walk and saw a rainbow.

We also went for a drive to Springvale to pick up some work for Andrew’s Shade Cloth Business.

Sadly, I do not seem to have taken any photos fo Kirsten.

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