Dream Tuesday – being nice

I am in a white room. An older Malayasian man sits there. He looks a bit pained. He smiles in his pains way and intimates that he is being nice and helpful. When I sart talking of the troubles in the 1960’s he quickly goes away.

Suddenly I am in a building full of electronics. A man who I know says, here have this to eat. I look down, a simple beef dish is in a white porcelain plate in a food warmer. I think at least they got the right dish this time. But beyond that, I won’t accept something from this man.

I am in another room. Various voices are speaking. They talk about two versions of a timing standard. Apparently the Australians and New Zealenders use the two versions in the opposite way. This causes it not to work. They say that they have worked it out and it will be fixed soon.

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