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  How to Measure Quantum Foam With a Tabletop Experiment (via @TechReview)
22h ‏@yewenyi
Seokgulam Grotto
23h ‏@yewenyi
On the tourist road this morning, a traffic jam caused by a 4WD in a ditch on up-hill side and the tow truck trying to pull it out. #MDTR
22 Nov ‏@newscientist Deep pockets? BP hit by largest criminal fine in US history #Deepwater …
22 Nov ‏@yewenyi #noggins
22 Nov ‏@yewenyi @regvulture here on Mount Dandenong it has all the same mistakes as apple and wants to take you down roads that were closed decades ago.
21 Nov @regvulture Pocket Wi-Fi hotspots paralyse Chinese metro lines: Using free band to run trains oddly didn’t turn out well. Shenzh…
21 Nov ‏@yewenyi Lilydale train was 5 minutes late. To get back on time it doesn’t go to Lilydale, turns back at mooroolbark. 20 min wait for next train.

21 Nov  ‏@yewenyi FIRE TORNADO detected in Australia … via @regvulture
21 Nov  ‏@yewenyi f(x)=1-mu|x|^r, …
21 Nov Yarra Ranges Council Yarra Ranges Council ‏@yrcouncil Weed Trade Day
21 Nov  ‏@yewenyi …his ministerial powers mean he could direct carriers to wear “red undies” on their heads… … via @regvulture
21 Nov  ‏@yewenyi water fall
21 Nov  ‏@yewenyi @PaulCunningham aka #recession
21 Nov  ‏@yewenyi 2 x ratty kids.
20 Nov ‏@yrcouncil Want to help us plan for the future? We want your input for the next Council Plan/Budget! Check  for full details!
20 Nov  ‏@yewenyi #peek-a-boo!
20 Nov ‏@regvulture Restaurateur jailed for customer sex profile revenge plan: How not to react to a bad online review. A restaurant own…
20 Nov  ‏@yewenyi The micro Bonza blackout only effected the phone and Internet, not the puters.
20 Nov  ‏@yewenyi In imminent danger if a micro bonza black out.
20 Nov Scientific American ‏@sciam The Stars Are Beginning To Go Out…
19 Nov Here’s Kate ‏@keandrews Today they bulldozed the What About Me corner shop – …
19 Nov  ‏@yewenyi @asphotos it’s ok. He’s probably using the camera so the display of the iPad shows the view it is blocking. A poor mans HUD. #i’llPatentThat
19 Nov City of Melbourne ‏@cityofmelbourne A new 40 km/h zone now applies to the entire central city and key entrances. Be safe and read the signs.
19 Nov Apple & Mac News ‏@osxdaily Improve iOS Maps with a Simple Settings Change to See More Locations & Streets …
19 Nov  ‏@yewenyi James Craig and the ABN-Amro
19 Nov  ‏@yewenyi After the icy blast of an easterly through the bus stop the warmth of the #688 is a welcome relief.
19 Nov  ‏@yewenyi The crickets of awakening say its time to get up. Damn you crickets.
18 Nov  ‏@yewenyi A square basic form made of raw concrete with multi storied buildings, apartments and a water court …
18 Nov  ‏@yewenyi #silencing
18 Nov  ‏@yewenyi Nobody Likes A Bogan – Area 7
17 Nov  ‏@yewenyi #dasRührwerk
17 Nov  ‏@yewenyi @塔里木thinks that it is all my fault that she cannot press the button (open an app) and thumps me on the head.
17 Nov  ‏@yewenyi #fruitSalad
17 Nov The Register ‏@regvulture Boss wrong to demote man over anti-gay-marriage Facebook post: Nobody forced workmates to read it, says judge. A Chr…
16 Nov Metro Trains ‏@metrotrains Find out more information on Sunday’s timetable change here
16 Nov  ‏@yewenyi @克里木 my dad who is not my dad (step dad).
16 Nov  ‏@yewenyi Ironing the coffee. Well I guess if you used the steam setting… …

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