St Petersburgh to Tallinn

Eesti Vabariik

I arrived in Tallinn on an overnight train from St Petersburg. My theory that I would not be troubled for overstaying my visa by three hours turned out to be true. The Visa ran out at midnight, but the train crossed the border at about 3AM. I had been sharing a 4 birth sleeper with a nice  fiercely  Catholic Italian woman, in her twenties. She stated she could travel alone doing what she did was because Jesus always protected her. She got on the train, minutes before we left St Petersburg. At the border the security guard wanted our passports and had a quick look in our bags. When she opened her day bag, there were some icons and various porcelain items like cups and saucers. He said, you know you are not allowed to take icons out of the country. She said, the father said it would be ok. They went out into the corridor. I did not hear what was said, but there were no problems after that. Our train arrived in Tallinn the next morning. She had another train to catch so that was the last time I saw her.

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