Observation Tuesdays – Thieves, Kidnappers, Bears and other threats to small girls.

For a while now I have thought it odd, and at times frustratingly annoying that the girls:
1) won’t stay on their own upstairs while we are downstairs. This extends to being unwilling to sleep upstairs at night when we are sleeping downs stairs; and
2) call out either mum or Brian whenever we come in the front door, even though they want nothing. When I asked, it turned out that she was just checking to see that it was me.
So it seems the girls are worried about people breaking into the house and doing bad things to them like kidnapping them or worse. I do not know how they came to be paranoid about this. But I might guess that it is an inbuilt survival mechanism from prehistoric times when being with your careers at all times was of paramount importance less you be eaten by a lion or the like. As a parent though it is most frustrating. Teresa in particular is worried about bears and other creatures when she is in dark unfamiliar places, even though we tell her there are no bears in Australia.

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