Coastal Adventures

We headed down from the mountain. After some last minute negotiating, we ended up with Zac in tow.

We headed down to Luna Park. I have never been interested in places like this, but Krysta in particular loves it. When we got there, there was already a long queue. After Kirsten found the express queue, I ordered the tickets online using my phone and we skipped to the express queue where instead of there being 50 people there were three. Normally I buy a family ticket, but as Teresa is a toddler still, it was cheaper to buy individual tickets. I have to say that their web site is very poor when it comes to using it on the small screen of an iPhone. A child ticket cost $33.95. Teresa did about 9 rides, so that works out to $3.77 per ride. Zac did one more ride.

With lots of sunscreen and much better weather than last time we leisurely wandered from ride to ride. Having Zac was good as he was more adventurous than Krysta and went on some rides even she would not go on. I took the Krysta and Zac while Kirsten, who unlike me, had a ride ticket, took Teresa, apart from a bit at the end where we swapped.



Later in the day the queues became too long, we headed down to Ackland Street and had some gelato at Trampoline Gelato, which is Krysta’s favourite. I did not like the Chocolate Gelato, but the Lemon was good and the Passion Fruit excellent.


After this, and with the insistence of Teresa, we went to the beach. Teresa collected lots of seaweed and Zac and Krysta built a sand castle which we lined with sea weed to protect the walls from the incoming tide.


On the way home Krysta decided that we had to go to La Porchetta. She really does like to have a routine. Given where we were, I looked up the nearest one. I do prefer the original in North Carlton, but that was not on the way home. We went to the one in Camberwell, and I have to say that the pizza was just as good. Zac was a new convert.

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