Dandenong Ranges Family Fun Day

We received notifications via twitter and Facebook of the impending festival run by the various CFA stations of the Dandenong ranges (or more correctly the Corhanwarrabul range) that there was to be a family day with a jumping castle as bait. So we dutifully penciled it in out calendars and were grateful of the reminders on the day.

The kids did not go to Andrews so we had them. Krysta had a play date set up with Kayleigh. (Must check to see if that’s right.) After a call and with three girls in tow we set about finding the mysterious (well at lest not marked on the map) Olinda Hall. Kayleigh was right. It was on the Monbulk road.

It was easily found, though being a bit late, we had to park down the back of the car park. There were lots of fire trucks, it being the lowest rating fire rating day, and there was not one, but two jumping castles. They could not be avoided and were the destination of first choice for the girls. In fact they were particularly good jumping castles and met with much approval.


After that we headed into the hall, but were advised of a show. So we headed straight back out and watched the show.

Then it was back into the hall the girls did some colouring in to enter the colouring in competition, but their hearts were not really in it. They did some more colouring in to get badges and watch the badge making machine in action.


Then another highlight in what was being a really good day. We joined the queue for the face painting. They all decided to get the same basic design but the lady did not do them exactly the same. They also got a balloon each from the man who was once friends with Jimmy Cairns. While the girls were getting their faces painted the CFA had a bush fire demo.


By now the day was coming to an end. We headed back to the car and stopped at the few fire trucks that were still there. The big Olinda 3 truck let the girls in. The were very excited and got to sit in the drivers seat and turn on the siren.


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