Lunch @ China Bar

20130216-035239.jpgQuite some time ago Kirsten suggested I go to the China Bar to have lunch. But her directions were dodgy and I did not know where it was. Then the other day, at Chinese New Year we walked past it and she pointed it out.

So today, I headed down there for lunch, being out of the office building to do some shopping. It had all the hall marks of a good no nonsense Chinese place. Food on display, tables packed in too close and crowded, I only got a seat at the second last empty table.

While looking at the menu, I was a bit surprised to see some nonya food listed. So I decided that as a trial, I would try the beef nasi lemak.

The meal arrived. I was a bit disappointed at the amount of food, but thought maybe this was more to do with the large size of the plate. I tucked in.

The food was quite good. The white bait and peanuts were dry. I am used to them oily. The egg was covered in sauce, I am used to it dry. The beef was good, it came apart easily with my fork. The vegetable was cabbage but not really gado gado, which would have been nicer. The portion was excellent for lunch, dispelling my earlier concern.

I’d give the dish 4 out of 5 stars. I will certainly return. Maybe next time I will try the hinanese chicken rice.

China Bar
235 Russell Street,
Melbourne, Vic, 3000

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