National Rhododendron Gardens

We headed up to Olinda and dropped Kirsten off at her new the Mount Dandenong Studio, where she is running her School of Dance and Music. I then took the kids on a bit of an adventure.


We headed up to the top of the hill and down The Gregorian to the National Rhododendron Gardens. I have lived in The Dandenongs three times. Yet this was my first visit the the gardens. My first impression was that it is much steeper than I had expected and is much more of a planned garden than I expected. I was very happy that they had a count the Lady Bug challenge. It kept the children very much engaged. Though benig a hot day, we only scratched the surface of the top of the park. Sadly Krysta has never been one for walking. I did not have the pram, so I was glad that Teresa soldiered on with the walking.


After spending an hour or so at the gardens and chatting with the nice woman at the reception office and the girls getting thoroughly drenched in one of the sprinklers we headed up to the Little Park behind the Olinda Hall. By this stage I was feeling tired again, as I had only just recovered from a week of being sick. We went back to the shop and Teresa bought a small stuffed wombat and Krysta a small stuffed echidna. We headed back to the Mount Dandenong Stuido and Kirsten was bussy rearranging and setting it up.


At first the girls were very good, but tiredness and bordem got hold so I took them down the to local playground in the Mount Dandenong Village part of Olinda.  They played for a while in the stifling heat and we took this photo again, but this time with both the girls.


After that we came home to get the things for the girls to take to their dad’s place for their overnight stay.

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