Fake Landings on the Moon


I was watching a Mythbusters episode. They said that 20% of Americans believe that the moon landings were fake and then set about disproving the conspiracy theories. While I totally agree with Mythbusters on this, I think that they are fighting an uphill battle. You see I think that the people who think that the moon landings are fake do so becuase to believe that they were true would be to deny their belief systems. I think the argument goes like this:

We believe that there is some fictional thing, like a fictional god being. In believing this we believe that the earth is at the middle of the universe. To accept that man has been to the moon challenges our beliefs so therefore we choose to believe that the landings did not happen.

Of course the believers in fictional god beings are not the only ones who fall into this category. They are probably in the majority here but I have just used them as the example.

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