adjusting the chain wheel

Greenspeed GT3
chain wheel

On the bents and folders ride, I got a sore knee. One of the other bent riders, who I road back along the Cooks River Cycleway with, suggested that my pedals were too far away. So I thought I should adjust them. When I rode to work this morning, my knee hurt again, not at the start, but part way along, so it was really too late to turn back. So I left a message on the DHBC board asking their advice, as there are many expert rides and those with lots of experience, and some with both, in the group. I got several very helpful bits of advice, that agreed with this theory. So I decided to adjust the trike. While I was doing so, I dug out the greenspeed manual to work out how to adjust the chain. It also contained info on how to adjust the position of the chain wheel, so I followed their advice. I have moved the chain wheel back by over a centimetre to the greenspeed recommended position and removed 8 links from the chain, that was too long to start with. So I will see how I go in the next few days.

Sit on the seat and place your heels on the pedals and adjust the extension so that your leg is straight when in the outstretched position

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  1. The change in sitting position is very great, but I had greater power up hills and my knee did not hurt this morning.

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