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  1. On a distant ridge a faint dome of orange light, according to the phone it is cockatoo.

  2. It is rare for the wind to blow from the south east, but when it does, it is icy and bitey. #fiveWays

  3. Ethiopia Ratifies Nile Treaty in Snub to Egypt 

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  4. If sheep farmers are called grazers, shouldn’t chicken farmers be called peckers?

  5. Rudd, Gillard or Abbott … do leaders really matter in Australian election campaigns? @Flinders @HRManning 

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  6. Icloud restore nearly finished after 7 hours. I guess watching the apps download won’t make them go faster. #damnThoseKettles

  7. Doing my first restore from icloud rather than iTunes. This far it seems to be a better experience.

  8. Who should be the next @bbcdoctorwho? Our poll closes in 24 hours, get cracking! @drwhoonline 

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  9. @asphotos I expect there are hopes it will precipitate major change and worries that it won’t.

  10. Annoyed that people are complaining that I didn’t finish a spreadsheet last Fri, the inputs didn’t arrive until 8pm & Monday was a holiday.

  11. Why does it become the gibbie, tullie but not the willie?

  12. The dogs are not coping well with the new sleeping arrangements.

  13. @osxdaily strangely though it is currently winter and the release won’t be out until spring over here.

  14. The RACV home assist man patched the broken window. We still don’t know who broke it.

  15. @DaveBarx patent the idea, sue a lot and make a fortune…

  16. Bought a Samsung microwave. Dissapointed I can’t control it from my Galaxy SII.

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  17. The traffic in olinda was the worst I have ever seen it today.

  18. This is not really the queens birthday. Just a holiday to buy favour with the peasantry. We are calling it the Kirsten’s birthday holiday.

  19. It’s not going to be a #spill. @KRuddMP will have to be drafted, and Gillard stood down. Anything else is Gotterdamerrung.

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  20. The rabid child: hammer down, rabbit ears.

  21. Went inside the house next door. It was not in as bad a state as I had been led to believe. #8

  22. TC nails it in ‘Blanket Surveillance. Total Secrecy. What could possibly go wrong?’  #smokesignals

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  23. As someone who is a US Citizen, does this mean I’m exempt from #PRISM? Because I am simultaneously a foreign national. #edgecase

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  24. Today when playing in the triangle park, Teresa and I were hiding from the dragon and the evil bats from dr who.

  25. Best Australian Game: Dungeon Raiders. Best International Game: Guildhall #boardgames #BGA #synchronicity

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  26. A wild goose that stopped running.

  27. Waiting a little impatiently for the delivery of the school review report on the 14th of June. #sbs


  1. hi Brian
    I am interested in Ada Halliday this page you have
    do you know anything about Ada’s Aboriginal decent?
    maybe we are very distant relations –
    Henry Cramp (illegitimate b. 14.4.1816 Liecestershire UK d.29.12.1884 Hobart, Tasmania married 9.8.1847 to Sophia Parsons)
    John Alfred Cramp
    Henry John Cramp ( my great grandfather)
    Frederick Cramp (my grandfather)
    Christine Roslyn Cramp (my mother)
    looking fwd to hearing from you.
    kind regards
    Ross Empson

  2. Ross,
    What I have on the page is all that I know about Ada Halliday. The people that I know of with aboriginal parentage on my site are in a different part of the tree.

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