I travelled by train into Gothenburg and spent a somewhat boring day there wandering around. My heart wasn’t in it as I was only filling in time until I had to return to Malmö.

The only interesting thing that happened was that there was the thump thump of a woman running in heels coming towards me. She appeared close to me as she came around a temporary fence surrounding a building site. She was at least 40 and wearing grey. She clutched something in her hand. Now I could hear the sounds of two pursuers. As she ran away they too came around the corner. Two young men. I guessed she did not stand a chance of getting away. Walking around the fence I came to a shop. The staff were somewhat in a state of shock. I guess middle age snatch and grab crimes are a bit of a problem in Gothenburg.

Being the height of tourist season the place was, well, full of tourists. Hence all the accommodation places were full and I found myself heading out of town.  I ended up in some small country town at least 30 km away on some local railway line. I remember not its name.

Over dinner I spoke with this man. He spoke of some place on continental Europe. He said that you could only get there if you said the right things. But I was not interested in going to this place as I am not really interested in some exclusive hideaway; and anyway, I had no idea of what his “right things” might be so I was afraid of making a fool of myself.

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