The Herald Learn to Swim Campaign

It is astonishing to believe that there was a time when I could swim 25 yards. I had been going to The Hub on Sun Crescent in Sunshine for some time. Eventually I got to the stage where I could swim 25 yards. I think this is still my personal distance record. The newspaper had been running a campaign. I do not know if that means that they paid for the lessons.  I was just one of the hoard. I had spent one night a week for maybe six months having lessons. I really do not remember how long it went for.

The text says:



This is to certify that Brian Yap was taught to swim at least 25 yards in the Herald Campaign at ???? Sports Centre 3/3/72.

Again King Neptune makes an appearance.


FOR PARENTS: The holder of this certificate has been taught to swim 25 yards. This is considered the minimum skill required in average circumstances to remain afloat in an emergency until help arrives or to swim a short distance to unaided safety.

Even strong and experienced adult swimmers have been known to drown in exceptional circumstances. Therefore you are urged not to regard this certificate as a guarantee against all difficulties a swimmer might encounter.

Until more experience is acquired, the holder should not swim unaccompanied.

Further tuition and experience – leading to more advanced certificates – plus the pleasure of competition can be acquired by joining a swimming club.

Particulars are available from your local club or public baths manager.

TO BE SIGNED BY THE CERTIFICATE HOLDER I have not been previously been awarded this certificate at any other instruction centre.

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