For the first time in a while I ate out. I had to go out to pick up Krysta’s birthday present. Normally I would eat in the QV food hall, but it was the wrong way and I couldn’t be bothered.

Walking across Russell Street, I saw a lamb place. But when I got there it was closed. Next door was a very discrete Korean Restaurant, the Donghak. Looking at the photos of the lunch specials in the window, I decided to give it a go.


I ordered the beef bulgogi. It was like being momentarily in South Korea. I was supplied with a plastic bottle of chilled water and a cup. The food came on a single large bowl, rather than each item in its own bowl. This was the only departure.

The beef was excellent and the kimchi just how I like it, at a little bit hot. The only down side was that the dumplings were a bit tough. I’ll give the one dish 4 stars. definitely a good lunch time meal.


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