How to Vote in Casey

Here is my system for voting in the Victorian electorate of Casey. Print out this how to vote card and take it with you to the voting booth or better still use your smart phone to access it saving paper.

This is the first time I have voted in Casey since the late 1990’s. Sadly there is a lack of opportunity to vote for various small parties as I seem to be living in the land of what I am calling nutty parties.

Here is they system:

  1. Vote fore the people I like. The smaller ones go first as they need more help.
  2. Then vote for Labour because it is better to live in a marginal electorate that changes it mind lots.
  3. Then vote for the Liberals because even they are better than the nutter parties.
  4. Then vote for the nutter parties. Order is somewhat unimportant because the distribution won’t go past the two main parties, but it gives a better feeling of self-worth if the worst nutters are at the end of the list.

1 MEACHER, Steve The Greens
8 COOMBES, Gary Family First Party (Greedy Nutters)
3 FARRELL, Cathy Australian Labor Party (Major Party)
9 LEAKE, Jeffrey Andrew Country Alliance (Worse Nutters)
6 BROWN, Mike Australian Christians (Never vote for a religion)
2 McRAE, Jeanette Independent (Not sure…She seems determined not to have a presence on the internet. But put her ahead of a major party as there seems to be nothing bad. If she had more information on what she stands for I’d consider putting her first, or, if I disliked the policies, putting her in the nutter category.)
7 BARBIERI, Paul Rise Up – Australia Party (Serious Nutters)
5 WILDE, Milton Palmer United Party (Weird Policies)
4 SMITH, Tony Liberal (Major Party)

For more information see:
The Antony Green’s Election Guide to Casey.
Wikipedia on the Division of Casey.

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