The New (old) Van

We have been talking about buying a van since before I moved down to Kalorama. But being cash strapped we were unable to do do. Also, some searches of the internet showed that there was not much around that was what we wanted. Then in a piece of serendipity both problems went away at the same time and we ended up purchasing an 8 sweater Volkswagen Caravelle.

The van we ended up getting has only one down side. It is a lot older (2001) than we wanted. But otherwise it is just what we were seeking. It has seats for 8 and it is a diesel. And as a bonus, has a much higher level of trim and fit out than we we’re expecting, including air vents for each row of seats.


The girls are both very excited by having a van. It is like having a giant red toy. And strangely like having a van that is what the gang have in scoobie-doo. Maybe it needs a bit of flower power decoration.

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