Russian Coachman

Russian coachman
Russian Coachman

Some people here in Sydney think the Russian Coachman is the home of the Russian Mafia in Sydney. I have never been inside. But maybe I should. I am curious as to what the Mafia look like. Who they might be. How do you tell? I mean, do they wear a little pin or something? Strangely there is no mention of this on their web site. Anyway, this sort of strange thinking to one side, I think we need to go there and try out the food. Certainly when I lived around the corner in Redfern, I never went there. It certainly looks like it has good food. And when I was in Russia, I did not get a chance to try Russian food. I never found a restaurant that sold it. But I did have some very good German food.

Man1: how did they know that?; Man2: they won’t say; Man3: they guessed!
Angry Man: he didn’t know anything you fucking bastards!
Man: you said he’s the contact, you fucking did!
Man: oh shit, he never thought that!
Man: they are going to say why they joined the group.


  1. I’ve been to the Coachman a couple of times – food is good! Didn’t see anyone I suspected as being Russian Mafia, but then as you say, what does the Russian Mafia look like?
    When were you in Russia? We thought the same the first time we went to Russia – that the restaurants didin’t sell Russian food…but now we’ve been a few times we’ve found that almost all restaurants and cafes sell at the very least a Russian soup – borshch or solyanka..but often they have quite a good selection.

  2. I saw Russian Mafia in Bulgaria. Ok, in Eastern Europe, they have a convoy of 2 Mercedes 4WD’s, black and the body guards are ex olympic wrestlers. Back then, they are all killing eachother.
    The actual mafia bosses would look like ordinary but sucessful business men.
    In Russia itself, I don’t know what the mafia look like, since I never went there. I don’t know what they look like here either.

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