Strange Snails

Some people come up with strange hypothesises to explain the known facts. For example. Take this observation. Almost every morning there are snails moving from the nature strip to the front yards along David Hill Road.

Now the sensible thing is to say, isn’t this odd. How come there are never any going the other way.

But the much more fun thing to do is hypothesise the following.

The snails are born in the nature strip. There they grow to maturity and have lots of snail sex leaving their snail eggs in the lawn to hatch.

The snails have a tale of a snail nirvana. They speak of a splendid place across the gravel path. They also tell horror tales of those who try to cross the black bitumen and die either of exhaustion in the desert waste land, are squashed by the giant black objects or eaten by hungry birds.


When the snails have grown too old for this they migrate across the great stone path (which is a bit like the western ocean) from the harsh grassy lawn to live in the snail nirvana of the front yard for the remainder of their years.

You see, I can rule out the possibility of them migrating each day across the path based on the simple observation that I have never seem them going the other way. And as they say, once you have ruled out the other possibility, the possibility that is left must be true, no matter how improbable it may be

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