Riding to the supermarket, making pizzas

On of the advantages of living where we are is that the one and only bicycle track goes past out front door. The girls rode for the first time to the super market.


Teresa still has a hard time with down hill sections on the balance bike. I showed her how to use the hand brake. She then spent the rest of the time excitedly stopping with the hand brake. Unfortunately I still could not get her to use it to slow down rather than stop so I still had to carry the bike down the hills.


We did our shopping and returned. On the whole the trip was a great success.

The reason we went to the supermarket was to get ingredients to make pizzas. Milla wanted ham and pineapple and the other two, who normally run a mile from such pizzas gleefully made them to. We make our own pizza dough and add a tomato based sauce, in the case bollognese and used the purchased ham and pineapple.

Teresa started the trend. She wanted a ginger bread man shaped pizza. So I cut one out of a round base. The other girls got on the band wagon. Milla made a series of three heart shaped ones. Each smaller than the one before. Krysta went for a 3D pizza. Diamond shaped with extra layers in the middle.


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