A bit of a repeat of a recent dream.

I am driving the relo. It is clearly in need of repair. Strangely it us booked into the same place on a slight hill that it was in the previous dream. The location is on a semi industrial, but rural road that looks more like country NSW than where we live and bears no resemblance to where we have been actually taking it. I am disturbed by this unfamiliar place.

Krysta and I drop off the Relo. We have to drive up a driveway to get to the repairer. We are then stuck way out if town. We start walking back.

A thought seems to come out that this is no good. Apparently we can be picked up. As we walk back there is the strange little white van. This is also out car. Though I have never seen it outside of this dream. Kirsten and Teresa left it there. I wonder how they got back. Suddenly a date there. It seems too small for the 4 of us. But we go to get in to return. The dream ends.

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