Working bees

The Sherbrooke Community School working bee was supposed to be the weekend before, but it was postponed a week, I am told because a meeting did not happen.

I ended up doing two working bees on weekend. The first working bee was at the Kallista Kindergarten. The day was overcast and further up the mountain there was a light rain. I guess because of the poor weather there was a smaller turnout. Still there were about 10 hardy souls. I worked on a garden bed with some others to weed it, plant some local natives and cover it with a hay mulch.

Kallista kindergarten

After a stop for lunch at the Kallista Deli and to do some shopping at the Kallista bio-dynamic market; I headed up to the school.

Further up the mountain it was moderately raining. I hunted for the hardy few who were braving the conditions. I worked with one other to remove the leaves and branches from the top of the chicken enclosure. After this we spread some mulch from the mulch pile. Really I think the need another working bee day to do some more work.


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