Day 3

A short update. I’ll process the photos and write more later.
It ha been a great ride. The flight up was uneventful, except I forgot I had steel capped shoes.
The bus trip was good. The downs hotel was good. I ended up sharing with John from inverloch as he did not realies that there was no camping on the first night. We had dinner with others from the bus.
Registration went easily. I went into town and did some shopping in the morning. The trike arrived in one piece and I headed out at 12:00.
The first ride was easy and a bit chaotic. Met up with others from the Dhbc and two more greenspeed riders. One rides a sort if gt3 with lots of interesting add ons.
Day 1
Trip 42.73
15.07 ave
2:50:09 time
60 max
Second day. An early start. Had breakfast and packed the tent to be out the gate by just after 7am. There were many long hills rode up at between 5 an 12 kmh. Afternoon was easier and I made very good time. Found my riding legs on occasion. Pleased toake it in by 1:30 and not need the sag wagon. Got a bit sunburned.
Day 2
Distance: 78.08
Average: 16.19
Time: 4:49:20
Max: 60
Third day: strong head wind in the morning and tail wind in afternoon. Nice historic homestead for lunch. Riding at between 25 and 35 kmh in arvo. Worked out why SRAM makes funny noise in top, but lost some time as I had it badly adjusted in for the first 8 km.
Day 3
Distance 74.18
Average: 18.82
Time: 3:56:28
Max speed: 46
Overall very impressed with organisation and support like police and ambulance. Food is good. I am getting better at setting up the tent.

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