Oakey to dalby

It rained in dalby around dinner time. We were camped on that wonderful black soil. Mud abounded. I spent the evening with a bunch of lefties, including my fellow greenspeed riders. But the riding had exhausted me and I crashed by 8 pm.
This morning was clear and muddy. We headed out in calm conditions, it took a wile to work the mud off my shoes and get the cleats to work.
A long gentle climb greeted us as we left oakey. Once on side roads that gradually deteriated to single lane bitumen, we were passed by some very patient b doubles carrying cattle and a gang of motor cycle riders. I was well ahead if schedule with lunch at 10:30 am, and afternoon tea at 12:00. At morning tea it was funny. I pulled up in the shade. The locals, selling food were watching me. When I stood up, they in unison all stood taller to.
We had a great down hill run with a side wind into oakey. I road from the afternoon tea with Hugh on the othr gt3. He rides a little faster than I, and arrived a little before I did as I had finally managed to lock onto a group of riders and do some drafting.
This arvo I have been into town, bought the first thongs I have owned in a decade and had the standard steak sandwich with the lot while speaking to an irish lad who seems to live in wa.
Day 4
Distance: 82.91 km
Ave: 18.21
Time; 4:33:10
Max: 54


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Man: the police said he has a death wish.
Man: all I said was that the pervert would!
Woman: the police said, maybe he did not know anything about it, but he still would have.
Girl: they should have said he was groovy!
Man: must be worse than ghengis khan.
Woman: they said he was a black sheep.
Man: they should have known that when he said London he meant London.
Man: oh shit, when they said queensland he did not know the Queensland bit.
Man: when he said drugs, they thought he meant lots of drugs.
Woman: corporeal punishment
Father to son: you have to be nice to cyclists.
Man: they said, that’s what riffraff looks like when he grows old
Man: something about rittilen
Man: he said that the police are bigots.
Man: they said they can’t believe that he thought they meant it
Man: we are going to have to explain the council!
Man: then explain the daughter bit
Man: they said he knew how, but wouldn’t.
Wife to husband: you said he would say anything!
Woman: just imagine, they said, pretend you dreamed this.
Woman: the police said he had a death wish.
MAn: they thought they were being destroyed.
Man to wife: they can’t because of the double agent bit
Man: you fucking should know that sometimes when you say this they will be frightened, and now they are frightened, you are going to do something about it.
Man: the chinese were watching him too.
Child: red tape
Woman: when he said sharing he meant sharing his stuff.
Woman: pride and prejudice.
Woman: the bishop did.
Woman: they said, well you are the only ones who like that, yes they did.
Woman1: they said, if you think like that, you are bad people. Woman2: so you’re a bad cyclist. Woman1: yes.
Girl: you fucking arseholes, you said he wrote like that!
Man: all they know is that he takes a lot of photos.
Man: they said, be nice to him
Woman: we can’t believe that when they said bikes, they meant us.
Woman: we don’t like rape either.
Man: you know we won’t.
Man: if he doesn’t think like that, he’s never tried this.
Woman: they said, they thought he did that, so they did this. I said yay!
Man: that’s what his wife said!
Girl: we can’t believe he blocked us.
Man: they’ve ruined it!
Man: they made up last night.
Man: cyclops does

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