Return to Broadmeadows station

Kirsten, Krysta and Teresa came back on the XPT. I drove to Broadmeadows Station and caught the train into the city. Surprisingly this only took an extra 40 minutes.

I immediately felt at home. The diversity of peoples on the train was refreshing. Though the train was a bit over crowded.


During the morning I checked the countrylink website for news of the train. It was running on time. I checked that Kirsten has left. Kirsten let me know they were on the train and on time. It was a bit later that Annika told me that the XPT had derailed. But it was the one going the other way. Kirsten also called and said that there was a derailment and that their train would terminate at Albury and that busses would continue the journey.

Later I learned that Luke was on the train. Apparently they were stuck for three hours waiting for a bus to pick them up. He was late getting back to start work.

I caught the train back out to Braodmeadows. I had to as the car was there. When I arrived the rail staff were a bit confused as to what was going to happen. As I had some time I headed into the shopping center.


When I returned I was informed that the bus would arrive in the Pascoe Vale Road side. So I waited over there in a door way hiding as best I could from the freezing wind.

The bus dutifully arrived and they were all there with all their things. We stopped for some take away dinner in Broadmeadows and then headed home.

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