Shinto Shrine

There is a very long, very round tunnel, just tall enough to stand in. There are no lights, but this is not a problem. It is a test. Will he go in. At the end is a bright light. I can see it is a shrine. It is clearly something to do with Japan. Out of curiosity, I go in. I travel down the tunnel in no time and with no difficulty. They are disappointed. I am not one of them. The shrine is one to a Japanese samurai. I do not know who. There is a very expensive, brilliantly crafted and lit sword on a stand in front of a suit of black shiny armor laid out on a table. It is clearly very important. The table is about the same hight as you would expect for a Japanese table where you sit on the floor. Unexpectedly there is a way out the back of the shrine. I go though it. But that is a story for another time.

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