train dream

This dream occurred in the morning. I woke up at the end of it.

I was wandering the corridor of a train. The train was quite modern, perhaps with decor from the 60’s or 70’s. I passed the dining car. A waitress, perhaps in her 30’s or 40’s tried to get my attention, but I did not stop. I went back to my sleeper room. This looked more like a small hotel room. The carpet was lifted in one spot. I had a look. There was an inspection hatch under the carpet. It was open. I looked in. There was a man and a woman down there, both in business clothes. A man said, he had to look. All the people were German.

I wandered back into the train. this time the waitress got my attention and I followed her. We went into a large casino style hall. This was much too large to fit on a train as it opened out into a gambling hall full of poker machines.  But it was empty of people. She wanted me to go to a particular place, but as we got there that section of the casino was dark. No lights, no electricity. The dream ended.

Woman: the searched his house? Man: yes they did.

Woman: they think that liking the Japanese means you want to go out with a geisha!

Man: that’s the compromise they reached!

Woman: you have to admit you broke in! Man: we can’t!

Totally correct woman: when he says the Japanese he thinks of us!

One comment

  1. Woman: well we’ll go down the Jacob highway and we’ll miss you!
    Man: become my husband, give me a blow job before I go to work, what’s your problem?

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