Shanghaiese Restaurant

Well I had a day of eating. I went out for lunch with Claudia and we went to Malaya. I have tried going there a few times, but it has always been full. The food was good, though pricey. The service excellent. It was almost the kind of Malaysian Chinese food I have been looking for in Sydney. But it was not quite what I was after. We had too much to eat.

Shanghainese restaurant

Shanghainese restaurant
tables and chairs

Then I went out for dinner with Keat. I was not so hungry given my lunch. We went to a Shanghaiese restaurant on Sussex Street. I did not record the name. But the food was good and simple. I do not know what it is with Malaysia Chinese and Shanghai food. My aunty won’t eat it, and Keat’s aunties won’t eat it. Keat said it was because of the Chives. This sounds dubious to me. Though many dishes did have chives. My father used to grow chives in the garden. It’s the only thing he grew and he called it grass. We had cummin lamb and green vegetables. Both were good. I also had a giant glass of crushed ice with paw paw.

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