350 ride team

350 ride team

Brenda and Paul of MASSBUG both did a great job at organising the 350 orienteering rally and I hope they do some more.  This is part of the 350 day of action to get the leaders of the world to set a long term CO2 target of 350 ppm. The ride was a great way to find out about the local area and some of the bike tracks I do not normally follow. I headed off in the morning against the expectation that there would be rain developing. Arriving there, Niki and I formed a team. Niki is a mountain bike rider. We headed off and did the course with ease. Having a map helps lots.  At the end we arrived at the Addison Road Centre. Here we split up as Niki had to head off. I met up with the others and we received a prize for completing the course. While we were waiting the rain arrived. It was moderate to heavy rain and we all retreated inside one of the galleries. The markets at Addison Road are growing, and have at least double the stall holders they had when I first started going there.

BBQ trike

BBQ trike

Also, quite by chance, I bumped into a man who had a trike on a trailer that was set up for making Vegetarian Hamburgers, on a BBQ on Frampton Avenue this morning returning from breakfast. He came up as I was taking photos of his kit. Originally it was a ice-cream vending bicycle. Apparently it did not handle well as it tended to tip over. He had modified it to make it rideable and steerable as well as adding the BBQ. He said he was going to the Addison Road Markets and I said I’d see him later. What I did not know at the time was that the food he was selling was part of the ride’s prize. When we got to the market, the some other riders I knew were there getting food. In the end I did not have a burger as I am not feeling hungry. I think I have been eating too many chocolates. I was told that there is a bit of a battle going on at the markets at the moment. Apparently the people who run the markets are trying to make the stall holders sign long term contracts. I was told various times for this term, from 12 months to three years. But the food stalls at the gallery are not on the market’s land, they are on the Gallery’s land and hence they are in competition to the market.

Rainy day at the Addison road market

While we were there it started raining heavily. I waited around for a few hours chatting with others. At first we stayed under the veranda, but then the wind changed and we moved all the chairs inside the gallery and waited there. I knew I was going to have to ride home in the rain. In the end, I decided to ride home. It was the first time I have taken the trike through water several cm deep and it was a bit of an experience. I was soaked by the time I had been on the bike for 10 seconds, so even the short trip home was very wet. Riding in rain like this is quite cold and I really need to get a better set up for these conditions.

yewenyi by kerry in the rain
Photo by Kerry

Map 2009-10-25 350 massbug ride


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