the camera was not dead

2 dead canon Bp-511a

I put the battery in the camera a few weeks ago and nothing happened. No power nothing. After some asking around I replaced the back up battery, still no luck. I had misplaced my second battery when packing for Cycle Queensland. After some hunting, I found the place where I had dropped it. Still no luck. Things were not looking good. So I took the camera in to the Camera Service Center

I was expecting the worst. There was a woman at the counter and the man out the back. I gave her the camera. She looked at it, took out the battery and the CF card. She gave it to the man. The man put in his own battery and it leaped into life. I was relieved and confused. I had tried two batteries. The man said that these batteries were starting to die. So I left the camera to have it’s sensor cleaned and a few other things checked and adjusted. I had been meaning to take it in for some time.

When I got the camera back it still did not work. I took in my recharger and battery. The man confirmed that the recharger was working. So I went down and purchased a new batter. Lo and behold! The camera leaped back into life. The electronic Engineer in me still thinks it is highly unlikely that both batteries would have failed at the same time. Though they do seem to be made at the same time and look to be from the same batch. It is a good thing that the battery did not die in Queensland.

Camera Service Centre
1st floor,
203 Castlereagh Street,
Sydney, 2000.

The battery model is:

Canon Battery Pack BP-511A
E160814 (which I guess is the batch number)

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