2009-10-31 Links

Links for this week on Computers, Culture, Cycling, Photography and Telecommunications.

  • An interview with the chief of design at Apple. He as some interesting observations about machine age design and it is very reminiscent of what Peter Jackson thinks about movie sets.
The arm
severed arm
  • Mischief Night. It sounds like the American holiday Halloween is actually based on what sounds like a Celtic festival called Mischief Night which itself seems to want to occur on May eve (30 April) though there are many dates. It includes some fun actions like: Knocking and tapping on doors and windows, Daubing objects with whitewash, Smearing of doorknobs with treacle or Vaseline Tying together adjacent door handles to prevent either from opening, Removing gates from their hinges and depositing them elsewhere, Throwing toilet paper at people’s homes, Throwing eggs at windows

amphibian velomobile from Jan Jan on Vimeo.

Woman: we can’t believe that they stuffed up again. We don’t think like this
Man: …and the bastards thought he stole that!
Man: they said he made two attempts, the first time with the chicks.
Man: you know what? They licked each other.
Women: they thought he wrote this!

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  1. 2009-10-26
    Woman: wants them to explain the 7 year old part
    Man: we didn’t mean that they did
    Man: Elton can’t
    Woman: they are expensive sluts and you are parasites
    Furious woman: it’s fucking what the liberals think we think!
    Man: so who said he was a bigamist?
    Woman: you know what he thinks a melon is? A fruit! This is true. Go the bitter melons.
    Man: and after all of that, they don’t know what goes on…
    Man: they are going to explain whybthey said you can get sacked for that
    Woman: you are going to explain what you sid to cause him to pull out the drama card and turn nasty
    Man: fuck, Victorians don’t think like this!
    Woman: the cops thought that because he smiled he was on drugs
    Woman: the cops are going to explain why they thought that was him
    Woman1: you are going to explain why you thought he meant that! W2: and you are racists Man: we said sorry
    Man: Elliot gobblet
    Man: oh shit, the bastards did think like this!
    Man1: we fucking don’t think like that M2: then who does? M1: they think we do
    Man1: the police won’t! M2: they said, then fuck it up properly
    Man: … They said, they are not finished yet, so they had to fine him…
    Man: you know what they siad? We can look after our selves
    Man: we don’t think like that you dickheads!
    Woman: that’s what they thought, they must be secret.
    Woman: then you are going to explain why the cops said he does
    Man: well explain why he said that you smartarse!
    Woman; that’s how he knew, you told him this.
    Man: he knows they won’t admit to anything.
    Man: holy shit, now they know who wrote that
    Woman: they should have said, the taking photos kid
    Man: you know why he thinks it’s cold. Because of the wind chill! (this is correct)
    Woman: when he says the professor he mean the proffesor from gilligans island. (this is true, what did you think?)
    Woman: they still can’t believe the radio part
    Man: so what if he’s crazy, he didn’t know that
    Man: they said, we don’t care gay he said that

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