BFF street party

DH Bottle

In the morning I headed down the Saturday Slowies to meed Nada and to pick up some of the new water bottles. I have leant the Giant to Nada. Hopefully she has it going by now. The water bottles have no press in lid. They had a one way valve. It takes a bit of getting used to. Also it takes a bit of getting used to the lid, which if not on right, spills water all over you.

Shalom indonesian restaurant

I went into town to meet Keat for lunch. We had lunch at an Indonesia place called the Shalom Indonesian Restaurant. The food was ok. We had the beef rendang, which was ordinary, another dish I do not even remember and fried bean curd cubes which came with an excellent sauce and I’m sure were made the way bean curd cubes were meant to be made.

BFF street party
red covertspeed

After lunch we headed on down to the BFF street party. They were in the Square in front of St Peters. They had the valet parking and a few stalls selling girlie caps, I considered buying one, and wheels. The people from Fast Recumbents were there and this time I got a chance to ride the bikes. I tried they Yellow One first, but it was a bit big. So I then tried the smaller Red one. It was scary getting going, but in the end I went some way in a straight line. I tried turning, thought better of it and stopped. I need a bit more space to be learning. But it was a really exhilarating ride.

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