MSG @ Red Chilli

Red chili
pork ears

Well, the Midweek Supper Group headed off to the Red Chilli which serves Szchuan food. We started off outside, but as the number of people increased we had to get a bigger table and moved inside. It serves what all people in China outside of Szchuan think Szchuan food is like. Actually I think I learned that Szchuan is not the proper name for it, but I cannot remember what the proper name is. The oily food was good. Some dishes I particularly liked was the pig ears, which I think was not only the best Pig Ears I have had, but also the best dish of the night. I know we had Kung Po chicken. There was an egg plant dish. Keith who organised the food certainly knows his stuff. I think, from the way he talks, he may be a chef. But he was on the other side of the table so I did not get a chance to ask. The only dish that I though was hot was the chicken which was mostly fried chillies. When I hit a bit of chilli flesh rather than the skin, then it was hot. But not unbearably so.

Red chili Red chili Red chili Red chili Red chili Red chili Red chili Red chili Red chili Red chili Red chili

icecream and jelly

The others did not want to have desert there and we headed with a slightly smaller group to Passion Flower (I think). I was quite impressed with the deserts and had sesame ice cream with grass jelly and condensed milk. It was delightful.

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