Themistoklis Loutopolous

ThemioThemio is my last ancestor to arrive in Australia on my mother’s side. He arrived in 1853 on the Statesman to Melbourne and then moved, with his parents to Grenfell. Another researcher in the family, headed out to Grenfell to meet some other ancestors and was given a photo of someone holding a photo of Themio. I have added the photo here. The tantalising story in the family is that they were related to King Constantine of Greece‘s family. Anyway should this prove to be true it will make searching for them in Greece much easier. The family say that the sash and medal are a bravery award from fighting in some war between Greece and what would have been the Ottoman empire. However, it says that he signed his name with a mark on his marriage certificate, which implies he was illiterate. So there are some gaps that need to be closed in the information available.


  • Born: 1833, Pátrai, , Achaías, Greece 3
  • Marriage: Louisa Maria Adams on 7 Dec 1863 in Lambing Flat, New South Wales 1 2
  • Died: 6 Jun 1886, Eualdrie, Forbes County, New South Wales at age 53 4
  • Buried: 7 Jun 1886, Grenfell, Monteagle County, New South Wales 5

bullet Cause of his death was Consumption.6
bullet Other names for Themio were Thomas Nicolas Constantine and Themistoklis Loutopolous.
bullet General Notes:

Themio came to Australia in 1853 and changed his name to Laundess and was granted Australian citizenship in 1875. Perhaps he came because of the gold finds. We do not really know.

In Greek, Themis is short for Themistoklis. (This computer program does not allow me to enter it in Greek.)
Loukopoulos is a proper Greek Name. Loutopolous does not seem to be.
bullet Noted events in his life were:

• He has conflicting birth information of 1837 and Pátrai, , Achaías, Greece. 7 From Marriage certificate, where the place of birth is reorded as Patras, Norea, Greece

• He immigrated per Statesman in 1853 to Victoria. 5 6

• Moved: 1862, New South Wales. 6

• He worked as a Miner on 7 Dec 1863 in Grenfell, Monteagle County, New South Wales.

• He was naturalized on 20 Jul 1875 in New South Wales. 5 6 It is on his naturlisation that he invented the name Laundess. We still do not know the original Greek name. Just some guesses.

• He signed a will on 17 Sep 1875 in New South Wales. 6

• Living in 7 Dec 1863 at Wombat, , New South Wales.

Themio married Louisa Maria Adams, daughter of George Henry Adams and Elizabeth Clarke, on 7 Dec 1863 in Lambing Flat, New South Wales.2 8 (Louisa Maria Adams was born on 1 Jun 1846 in Sutton Forest, Camden County, New South Wales,8 9 died on 20 Jun 1907 in Sydney, Cumberland County, New South Wales, Australia 5 and was buried on 21 Jun 1907 in Waverley Cemetery, Cumberland County, New South Wales, Australia 5 6 10.) The cause of her death was carcinoma of rectum.6

bullet Noted events in their marriage were:

• Registration: Marriage, 7 Dec 1863, Young, Monteagle County, New South Wales. 7 Witness – James Lowrey, Helen Frost
Minister – Alfred Frederick Newman
The groom signed with his mark.

bullet Marriage Notes:

Registrars Office, Young


  1. Hi
    I’am a second great grand daughter of Themio, I have never had in my research that Themio’s came with him to Australia with his parents, could you please tell where you got that information from so I can check that out.
    Themio was in the gold fields at Mosquito Flat in Victoria before he came to Grenfell

  2. Wendy,
    I did not have anything in my file that said that as well. So I have struck out the text. I think it was just something that got stuck in my head. Ann Kransy was the person who got the photo.

  3. hi im researching my family history and have came across this name is regjeana laundess and my father was gregory laundess and my pop was louis laundess. if you have any information that i could have that would be very helpfull..
    thank you

  4. such is life , i would like to know of a link back in greece. & for some one to get this upto date. we should be able to get it up to , say 1980`s i hope

  5. Dear Brian,
    I am Themio’s great great granddaughter, my grandmother was Constantine’s Eldest daughter, Ethel May Laundess, she married John Alexander Thompson in 1921. I like to help you update any off the family info, regards Donna

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