Little robots and a hole in the side of the ship

This dream occurred over the best part of a decade. I think it is based on a film. It evolved over time, sometimes reverting, sometimes only including the changes. The first part is the original dream. The second part the extension.

I am in a space craft on a meshed metal walkway surrounded by a forest. There are little repair robots. I wander around, the robots take care to go around me, but they are only there for maintenance. I do not interact with them.

I wander over to the side of the space craft. There is a large hole, maybe 10 meters across. I get a small craft, long and thin, to go outside. I am lowered on a wire through the hole by the little maintenance robots. However, something goes wrong. I am unable to fix the hole. Instead all I can do is magnetically attach to the outside of the hull. I am stuck. The wire will not wind back in.

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