A new bike lane

Today I went out to some of the bike shops in Marrickville and Newtown to see if I could get a new wheel built by one of them for the new trailer, and I can. I also bought a rack bag to replace my pannier bag as my tool bag. Though later in the day I saw the same bag in Anaconda for $10 less! I then headed out to Bunnings to see if they had something I could use to replace my current locking system for the trike at home, but they had nothing that I thought I could use. Though I did buy a padlock to replace the D-Bolt think in general use.

After this I headed up to the More Park Super Centre and bought some bits for camping at Anaconda. On the way back I came across a new bit of bicycle lane in streets where just 12 months ago there was no bike lane. They were still under construction.

After this I stopped at a pub (the parkview hotel) I ride past each day on my trip to work. On the way in a gay man (and the pub seemed to have many gay men) thought that my shorts were a bit short and wondered what a granny would think if I popped out of them. I did not say this at the time, but I’m sure that a granny has seen it all before. I had a good steak and the man at the bar was encouraging me to go back there by showing all the specials. But their dinner does not start until 6 PM on week days and I usually go past sooner.

And of course, somewhere there is a car parked in a dangerous position.

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