A strange fascination with Nationalities

A recent aeroplane crash reminded me of something that has been bugging me for sometime. I have been watching over the last decade as a need to seems to have developed to state the nationality of the deceased. Maybe they did it before and I had not noticed. But I think it is strange. I guess it falls into the category of, should I be worried. If I am an Australian and there are no dead Australians, then I need not worry that one of the dead may not be someone I know. Perhaps there is more to it than that? I think that the whole thing is a bit tragic. Maybe you can feel safe travelling if the planes that crash only have non-Australians on board?

Ethiopian Airlines issued the following passenger list:[24]

Country Passengers Crew Total
Lebanon 51 51
Ethiopia 23 8 31
United Kingdom 2 2
Canada 1 1
France 1 1
Iraq 1 1
Russia 1 1
Syria 1 1
Turkey 1 1
Total 82 8 90

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