A morning in Marrickville

It was quite an eventful morning in Marrickville. I woke at around three, heard the rain and decided not to go on this mornings Saturday Slowies Ride with the DHBC. As a result I got you quite late, after 8 AM, and headed out to hand out the smaller than I expected Marrickville cycling moth pamphlets to Mick Mazza on Marrickville Road and the Bicycle Repairs Shop over the road from the Metro. While heading up to the first shop I came across a man standing in the middle of the road with a professional quality camera. When I looked further there was a woman standing outside the Post Office Cafe playing the flue and another camera man. When I came back past the flute player was crying. I did not know why.

After dropping off the first of the pamphlets, I headed up to the Marrickville Road Cafe for breakfast and then over to the Metro. On the way I found a bike with no wheels. The bike was locked. I wonder if someone stole the wheels or the owner took them. By the look of thingsĀ  would guess they were stolen.Then I passed John Fisher.

Up in the Metro, having avoided falling over on the slippery bricks, I gave out the last of my pamphlets and headed back. I noticed that they had removed the bicycle parking at the Metro and replaced it with cafe seating. So I will write to the advocacy groups to get the parking put back, maybe not in quite the same place.

Then there was a poster I saw being put up on Friday. It was for George the Cat, who is missing. So if you find George, contact the owners.

and finally a stencil on the ground. I am proud that they noticed and made this stencil. WOW! By a strange coincidence today is Treaty of Waitangi so provides a moment to reflect on the fact that the horrible whites in this country can not bring themselves to have a treaty with the aborigines that remain in this country.

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