Lucky (幸)

We had a bit of a discussion about the work lucky today. In a normal sense it is to do with chance and being lucky in that chance (particularly over things you have no control of) gave you a good outcome. But in Australian and Chinese it has different meanings.

In Australian being lucks, say as in Luck Roderick would mean that Roderick in fact had very bad luck.  Say for instance he went camping and then there was a flood and washed away all his belongings.

In Chinese Lucky means either Auspicious or probably more correct a good or a sure thing. So the lucky way to cook rice (by steaming rather than boiling it) will result in good fluffy rice. It is more like by doing things the right way you will avoid chance and hence be lucky all the time.

Now some Australians laugh when they see Asian Names becuase they say lucky. For example LG is short for Lucky Gold-star. This is because they are interpreting it with the wrong values. It is funny becuase humour is often caused by this kind of crossed wiredness and the absurdity of it all. When it becomes racism is when people refuse to accept and tolerate the others point of view.

So for everyone there are many places where this happens that we are ignorant of. We cannot simply know them all. What do you do when you meet such a thing. Do you reject the alternatives, lauding and ridiculing the others who have a different view (the evil approach) or do you have a spark of wonderment and seek to learn what it is you do not know and come to understand and accept it (a much more enlightened view)?

There are quite a few characters than mean lucky, I just have randomly chosen this one: 幸.

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