At last! a GT3

da trike
gt3 at clarrence street cyclery

Well I headed into town this morning, a little worse for wear after all the wine I drank last night. I was hoping that all was well. I had been talking with Marko on Thursday and all seemed well. I went in and got the trike. All was well. After a bit of repacking of bits into my backpack and a quick spin on the foot path to make sure all was well, I headed off. I rode along the foot path up Clarence street, partly because it is one way, the other way, and partly because I wanted to get a feel for the bike before venturing out onto the road. It all seemed ok. I changed gears, stopped and other things. The pedestrian ramps in the city are almost exactly the same width as the trike, so I needed to be careful to hit them in the middle when going onto and off the road.

The trike has two mirrors. Which needed a bit of adjusting, but work really well. I just need to remember to look into them. I found that on the back streets, I was able to ride along, look in the mirros to see that there was nothing behind me, and hence, take it easy.

in eddy ave
stopped in belmore park

Going around Sydney Town Hall, I rode up the bus lane across to Castlereagh Street. Here again there was a bus lane to follow. I found that, as expected, I was very fast down hill. I also found that the steering becomes more sensitive as I get faster, and in a few spots I was on the verge of loosing control as I was trying to juggle learning the gear changes with learning the steering on a bumpy road. But I did master it and had a bit of a break in Eddy Ave. I also worked out how to engage the hand brake when I stopped this time.  The front gear is fiddly as it is variable so you need to pick the right spot or it overshoots. I found that I got used to the position of the leaver for each of the three gears and once I did that, it became much easier. I still overshoot the middle cog to the smallest sometimes when I am changing down. One thing I am sure I will learn to remember is that there is a third wheel and it is in a different place to the front two. A couple of times I carefully missed holes with the front two wheels, but not the third.

Sitting on the GT3
Photo by James

Riding through the park, around central station and onto Redfern, I was getting a better feel for the trike. As I passed the fabled block, the Aborigines were clearly quite impressed with the trike. One old woman wanted to sit on the rack and get a ride.

eveleigh markets
Eveleigh Market

I stopped on the way at the Eveleigh Markets. Here I immediately bumped into James and Cam. Within 20 minutes we had also bumped into Jarrod and Liz and Rob and Amy. There is a designers market that is on every 6 months. So we went in there. I bought some decals. I did some food shopping in the main market and grabbed a bite to eat, before heading off home.

On the way home I again pushed things a little but not a lot. I sped over the speed humps, (well did not slow down), and in once section thought I was ging fast enough to be nearly lifting the inside wheel. I will have to work out how it feels just before the wheel lifts so I know where the edge is. The graffiti artists were redoing some of their official wall paintings, and gave a greeting as I went past. I got home without incident.

gt3 first ride
There and back


  1. Glad you finally have the trike and got it home safely. I’m sure it has had a bit more of a shakedown today.

  2. Yep, today was a bit a a practical day. I discovered my old panniers were too big and had to buy some new ones, with some effort got one of my old rear lights to fit on the pannier rack, bought a new front light. So I am all set now to ride it to work tomorrow.

  3. There should be limit screws to stop the over-shifting on the outside but, of course, they don’t help between gears. I’ve had my GT3 about 2 weeks and ridden 3 times. I like it a lot.
    I’m thinking about putting 1/2 inch extenders (spacers) on my mirrors. My arms cover about half of the reflected image.
    Enjoy your rides.

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